Online store

What is an online business without creating an online store? Any sales and your profits can be organized by creating an online store of products or services.

The advantage of ordering the development of an online store is that it is much cheaper than building a trading platform in any shopping center. And the fact that without leaving home, we can order the desired product. Our company ART LEMON offers the creation of an online store with the following functionality:

    Purchase opportunity;
    System for accepting payments by various payment systems;
    Online support and manager's consultation;
    Convenient administration;
    Order notification by email / sms;
    Unique and themed design;
    And any other functionality.

Terms of development of an online store

The term for creating a store depends on the functionally set tasks that are put forward to the site. Starting from various functional modules and ending with usability. On average, the development of an online store takes from 4 weeks to several months.
How to order the creation of a store?

You can order the development of an online store on Opencart by calling the phones in the "contacts" section. The cost of creating an online store depends on the complexity of the design and its technical implementation. You can see examples of completed works in the portfolio.
The main stages when developing a store:

    Coordination and confirmation of technical specifications.
    Coordination of design and basic graphic elements.
    Page layout (design overlay).
    Creation and configuration of an online store management system.
    Filling with the main content.
    Testing all functions for possible flaws and bugs.
    Basic SEO setup.
    Launching an online store online.

Benefits of creating an online store:

Instead of building a store or pavilion in their city, many beginners in their trading activities begin with the development of an online store in Kharkov. And this is correct, because Kharkov is a city with a million inhabitants! Whatever the population of a city or village, there are still more Internet users who can become visitors and buyers of an online store. In addition, it is cheaper and faster to develop an online store than to build an ordinary store, order and install advertising signs, as well as advertise a new outlet. Regardless of the type and type of goods, the online store today is an excellent tool for sales and advertising. Many prudent people understand this and order the development of an online store in the large city of Kharkov.

The first steps in organizing any business involve costs and investments. However, a businessman always has a choice where to direct investments first of all. To organize retail outlets in settlements or create an online store that would generate income in the near future. The source of income that appears at the stage of building a business is a huge help in the task of attracting additional funds from some internal resources and capabilities. You can develop or buy an online store much cheaper than buying a small pavilion - for fifteen thousand (prices depend on the locality).

Which store will start generating revenue faster and pay for itself? Of course, this is an online store. For a person starting his own business, not using the Internet functions is simply not wise. Of course, in cases where virtual trading is possible. The most important property of the goods sold in the Kharkiv online store is transportability, which implies the possibility of delivering these goods to different regions of the country.

Apart from the possibility of advertising and sales with the help of an online store, a virtual marketplace has its own characteristics that are inaccessible to a regular store. One of these useful features is the ability to publish reviews by a store buyer or a regular visitor to a shopping site. A very important point in the organization of e-commerce is the promotion of an online store in Kharkov, and the reviews of buyers and visitors serve as a wonderful tool for promotion due to an internal factor that is no longer focused on search engines, but on the buyer himself.

Before buying any product, we often seek advice from our friends and acquaintances. And on the pages of the Internet store - advice, right under the description and characteristics of the product. Promotion of an online store is a multi-stage and versatile task in which writing reviews for a specific product is considered one of the most effective ways to influence the store visitor and the search engine. Ordering the development or creation of an online store in Kharkov is simple and profitable, call the ART LEMON studio and we will answer all your questions.